The Keys for Performing arts and Music Mobility

Opening speech ENARTES 2017 - Mexico City

The Keys for Performing arts and Music Mobility, a speech by Toni Gonzalez to better understand the mechanisms of performing arts and music mobility and internationalisation.

The speech "The Keys for Performing arts and Music Mobility" answer to the critical questions about the mobility and circulation of artists and works of the performing arts and live music cultural sectors. Questions such as, is artistic and creative talent exportable? What characteristics are required so that the works and projects of artists can tour and be admired internationally? Is it profitable to export culture? Questions like these and others will be proposed in the conference "The Keys for Performing arts and Music Mobility" given by Toni Gonzalez (consultant for artistic mobility and the internationalization of culture).

The speech will present the main challenges facing performing arts and music companies in their processes of internationalisation of their artistic works. What are the main differences in approaching the internationalisation processes with respect to other types of products and, in this way, how to be able to differentiate the eminently artistic works from the commercial ones? As a conclusion, the attendants will recognise the different strategies and techniques, specific to arts sectors, that allow successful access to international markets.

The speech is aimed at professional audiences but it is clear and enjoyable for non-professional people curious to know what are the ways of development of their cultural and artistic preferences.

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